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Muscle Protein Whey Protein Power
Muscle Protein Whey Protein Power
Muscle Protein Whey Protein Power
Muscle Protein Whey Protein Power
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Muscle Protein Whey Protein Power

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    100% Australian sourced, Whey Protein Power is an ultra-premium, high-quality whey protein powder sourced from Victoria and Tasmania grass-fed cows. Australian cows graze on lush green natural pastures all year round. 

    You deserve the best whey concentrates and in our Whey Protein Power, you’ve got one. Containing between 75% - 80% protein, Whey Protein Power is processed using ultrafiltration techniques. It also mixes easily with water, milk or your preferred milk alternative without lumps.  

    Burn off the excess fat fast with Whey Protein Power. Low in calories, fat and cholesterol, Whey Protein is the perfect protein supplement to help you look fit and trim like never before. Containing only 3.5g of carbs, Whey Protein burns fat in your body and reduces your waist circumference, while preserving lean body mass.

     Containing all 9 essential and 9 non-essential amino acids and releasing 6.5g of BCAAs into your body per serve, Whey Protein Power accelerates protein synthesis in your body, making it the ultimate protein supplement for muscle growth. Whether you are an athlete or a fitness freak, Whey Protein Power is vital to muscle maintenance and recovery after every workout.

    Naturally rich in Tryptophan and BCAAs, Whey Protein Power is the perfect meal replacement formula. With its increased effect on satiety, Whey Protein Power releases the nutrients into your body for up to 6 hoursreducing your cravings and making you feel fuller for longer, thus curbing hunger and preserving lean body mass

    Muscle Protein is 100% Australian owned and endeavour to offer our clients with the highest quality products on the market.